About Richard Hastings

Richard Hastings has been doing dream work since 1989 including authoring the book, Dreams for Peace. He is currently writing a book on change work called Radical Change and a book exclusively on children’s dreams which is a guide for parents. He has traveled to the U.S., Canada, South America, and South East Asia doing dream meetings and personal change work. His approach is solution oriented so that the participant is left not only with an analysis of the meaning of the dream, but also a solution. He has listened to several thousand dreams since he began.

He is currently living in Malaysia.  Richard welcomes inquiries about dreams and also doing changework without charge by writing to him at richardchastings@gmail.com.


One Response to “About Richard Hastings”

  1. andalib Says:

    Abha kabbar. Mrs. Hastings, just shared with me your website and I love it. Ironically, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about change and its impact on the quality of education chidlren receive. Furthermore, ive been thinking about going back to school to study this further and here I see you seem to be doing a lot of work on it. This is indeed exciting to run across and I look forward to reading more of what is on your blog about it. I miss you Mr. Hastings, I don’t know if I can you Richard, 🙂 andalib

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